We work with all external wall insulation stakeholders

Who we Work With

We primarily work with five key groups of customers:

  • System manufacturers – who are looking for new, innovative approaches with which to improve their own manufactured products. Such manufacturers have been an integral part of the design and development of our products, and continually support their use.
  • Main contractors and installers – who are looking for a cheaper alternative and want to protect their investment in external wall insulation and cladding.
  • Local authorities and registered social landlords – who are looking for cost-effective and simpler maintenance solutions when it comes to external wall furniture and protecting their investment.
  • Architects – who are looking at new builds with an increased usage of external wall insulation.
  • Homeowners and private customers – who are looking to improve their own homes and protect external walls and cladding in the best possible way.
  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) sector – We are continually working with the MMC sector, as the development of more modular housing construction becomes more popular.

We strive to keep our message clear:

  • Our innovative products are the most cost-effective currently on the market
  • Our products are highly robust and technically better, so improving quality
  • Our products are easy to install and de-risk maintenance


Our external wall fixings are currently approved and recommended by the UK’s leading system manufacturers, and available via wholesale merchants.

Explore Our Products:

All of our products can be installed through external and solid wall insulation, and can also be used within rain screen cladding.

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