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A new cost-effective way
to fit external furniture
through walls and cladding

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Super-strong to prevent
insulation compression and
provide a watertight seal

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Easy to install

Simple yet effective
next generation solutions.
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About our products

Our products are not only the most cost-effective solutions for fitting external furniture through external wall and rain screen cladding, but have been designed specifically for the job.

All of our fittings meet stringent technical requirements, by preventing the compression of insulation and providing a water tight seal, and are also approved by many leading manufacturers.

We’re continually driving forward with our message ‘our innovative products are the most cost-effective there is’ they are highly robust and technically better (so improving quality); plus they’re easy to install and also provide a maintenance solution.

As it is the responsibility of the installer to decide on the method of fitting, the more we get the word out, the closer we get to achieving our mission to redefine best practice in the external wall insulation sector. We set out by asking some simple questions – What is the quality of timber currently used during external wall installations? Will it last 25 years and beyond? As a result we’ve designed and engineered our innovative range of products to eliminate the use of timber when installing external wall and rain screen insulation systems.

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  • Now recommended in manufacturer and designer specifications

    “These products are what the industry has been waiting for, a simple yet effective solution to reduce the need for timber within the application process. Complimenting our standard systems as well as our extended life systems we are happy to recommend their use within our specifications.”
    Jim Holman, Head of Operations, Alsecco

  • BRE test report now available

    Read the BRE's testing report on usage and how fit for purpose our products are for securing items up to 130kgs. Read the report.
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