Some background

For decades the standard method of fixing items through external wall insulation, such as satellite dishes, washing lines, fence and gate posts, external pipe work, hanging baskets, lights and alarms, canopies, utility boxes, signage have all relied on the use of timber patresses to ensure adequate fixing upon reinstatement.

Satelitte Dish Fitting Plate

Why Timber?

As the alternative methods available on the market would increase the cost of installation combined with the current drive to reduce costs in the sector, means that they are rarely used and why the use of timber is currently best practice.

The continuing use of poor and inappropriate timber being used by large numbers of installers does provide a possible risk of failure in the future, costing thousands to repair and why SWIFIX fittings were developed.

Providing a solution that is technically more appropriate than timber and that costs less, presents the industry with the option to eradicate the use of timber within EWI, and to improve the overall performance of the installation.

The satellite fitting is also the ideal solution if you require a new dish after the installation of external wall insulation at a later date, protecting guarantees and warranties.

The benefits in brief

There are a number of benefits to using SWIFIX products:

Cost Effective

Cost effective and reduce labour and material costs

Time Saving

Save on installation time and can be retrofitted

Less Waste

No more lost timber grounds

Easy to Install

Simple to install and easier for installers

Less insulation lost

Increase surface area of insulation

Specific Design

Products designed specifically for the job


Will it cost more money to use your products?

The simple answer is no. The use of our products has been shown to provide a saving against the use of timber.

Our fittings provide the cheapest solution currently on the market.

We deliver a solution that is more cost effective and technically approved, whilst also increasing thermal insulation.

The products are a win-win for contractors, clients and EWI manufacturers. So stop the use of timber – and use SWIFIX to give peace of mind.

Can I fit the products myself?

Yes, very easily. There are limited tools required for fitting. See out technical information page for more info.

What about retrofitting?

We provide a maintenance solution for future retrofitting of fixtures and fittings, and the ability to install without affecting guarantees and warranties, and so protecting your investment.

What colours do the fittings come in?

Our products have also been designed to provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that will enhance any newly refurbished property, and can be supplied as standard in black and white, or in any colour (subject to quantity).

Can I fit the products myself?

Yes, very easily. There are limited tools required for fitting. See out technical information page for more info.

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